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The waste from your business activity or by-products from manufacturing are also resources for raw materials. Our mission is to take care of your material by means of a global technical supply.

Our activity is entirely devoted to precious and semi-precious metals (gold, silver, palladium, platinum, rhodium, etc.). Thanks to our chemical, metallurgical and mechanical units, we can provide a solution for managing these precious materials.
Our desire is firstly to provide our clients with the best possible quality in our service, which enables us to be acknowledged as an ongoing and reliable partner. Secondly, our ambition is also to maintain and improve our environmental performance by means of an efficient management system. Indeed, we think that a trusting commercial relationship should be based on ethics, and not reduced to a mere economic aspect.



1985 Chimie Circuit was set up as a family company whose activity initially consisted of supplying chemical products to surface treatment industries and the printed surface board industry, then of proposing solutions for the recovery of certain prime materials (non-ferrous and precious metals) employed in the manufacturing of printed circuits. The goal was to recover the metals that would otherwise have been lost in chemical baths, and then treat them so that they could be used again by the industries.
1995 The business activity moved into the recovery of metals, which became the main business and ended up becoming the whole mission of Chimie Circuit.
2003 New management.
2003 Diversification in the business towards material from the dismantling of waste from electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE).
2004 Commitment to putting into place a quality/environment management system.
2005 Increased activity led us to look for a new implementation zone.
2006 Certificates (ISO 9001 in 2008 and ISO 14001 in 2006). The environmental process enabled Chimie Circuit to anticipate and overcome the constraints related to the future development of its business on a new site.
2007 Search for a new site.
2009 Renewal of the ISO 9001 and 14001 certificates.
2010 WEEE treatment chain project at Dreux.
2011 New plant at Dreux.
2012 Start of crushing chain; Renewal of the ISO 9001 and 14001 certificates.
2013 Crushing section set up.
2015 Renewal of the ISO 9001 and 14001 certificates.


Sustainable development has now become an essential concern for all agents in economic and political life.

As a recycling company, Chimie Circuit is very much aware of its responsibilities with its clients and with the environment in the exercise of its business in treating and evaluating industrial waste. Understanding the environmental impact of our activity is an ongoing requirement.

We have been bound by this demand since 2004, when Chimie Circuit set out on its sustainable development and ongoing improvement procedure; directors and personnel as a whole set up a global quality and environment management system.

Our quality and environmental policy is based on the following mainstays:

  • Ensuring and developing the durability and brand image of our company.
  • Developing and improving customer satisfaction with the reliability and quality of our services.

  • Respecting and applying current regulations and other applicable rules within the framework of our business.

  • The ongoing improvement of our environmental and quality performance.

  • Preventing pollution from our activity (water, atmosphere, soil).

And so we undertook to

  • Optimize the treatment, recycling and repurposing process by improving the identification and supervision of potential points of loss of recoverable material.

  • Ensure the maintenance of the equipment and facilities.

  • Select optimal procedures for waste treatment:
    – giving preference to material repurposing
    – classifying our waste elimination suppliers based on the quality (respect for applicable regulations and environmental performance) of the treatment suggested.
  • Ensure the upkeep of the competences of our personnel by improving training.

  • Monitor water, electricity and chemical product consumption.

  • Monitor the quality of our emissions and waste (noise, water, atmosphere).

  • Review our targets every year.

In order to fully comply with these undertakings, Chimie Circuit requested the collaboration of all its workforce.


AFNOR ISO 9001 Certificate

CChimie Circuit has held the ISO 9001 certificate since 2008. This certificate was renewed in 2015.


AFNOR ISO 14001 Certificate

Chimie Circuit has held the ISO 14001 certificate since 2006. This certificate was renewed in 2015.





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Reconduction de nos certifications ISO

L’AFAQ a reconduit nos certifications ISO 9001 et ISO 14001, confirmant la bonne conduite de nos engagements Qualité.

voir nos certifications ISO

Our work


Chimie Circuit specializes in the treatment, refinement and repurposing of all solid and liquid materials containing precious metals (gold, silver, palladium, rhodium), such as industrial waste and manufacturing by-products, and waste from electrical and electronic equipment.


Thanks to our recent and technologically efficient industrial facilities, our ambition is to excel in the quality of our services and also in the field of the environment. Our site is an establishment classified for environmental protection (ICPE in French) and holds the international ISO 9001 certificate for the treatment, recycling and repurposing of industrial waste containing precious metals and waste from electrical and electronic equipment, and in accordance with the international regulation, the ISO 14001 certificate for the site. This process was carried out by one of the major worldwide certification bodies. This enables us to guarantee the quality, control and efficiency of our processes by means of a rigorous analysis of the management system we have set up.

All our tests and analyses are carried out by laboratories and testers who hold the COFRAC and NADCAP accreditations and are approved by the Bank of France.


We collect material containing precious metals all over the world. Our flexibility, our reactivity and our repurposing tools enable us to quantify concentrations in metal very precisely and provide a quick and reliable response to people who contact us from abroad.



We take charge of all waste flows for the treatment and refining of waste from the industrial world and WEEE treatment, from which we extract the precious metals.
These metals could be in solution, alloyed with other metals and even deposited on a metallic surface or elsewhere.
WEEE is a mine of recyclable material. After a complete depollution of these materials, while dismantling them on site, we treat and repurpose the components and fractions.
Our policy is to treat each lot received with the greatest possible care. Each client is informed of the stages of treatment, starting with reception; this needs special attention and may require taking samples and a preliminary analysis.

01The Source

A large amount of material received at Chimie Circuit is directly fusible in our foundry, which treats and homogenizes it. Some material we treat may require chemical or pyrolytic pre-treatment in order to obtain the fusible materials.

01Sampling & Analyses

The cast product is subjected to a rigorous assessment, especially in relation to the mass to be treated (weight before and after casting).
Samples are taken in compliance with accepted standards and all our analyses are carried out by our laboratories (internal and external), guaranteeing clear and transparent information.
It is this high quality in our service that has enabled us today to enjoy a relationship of trust with our clients and to become a leader in this business sector.

01Refined metals

Our work consists of extracting precious metals and separating them. The material received is diverse, and this great variety is found in concentrations in metals, which can be low, medium or high. If the concentration of precious metal is low or medium, the material is subjected to a particular concentration pre-treatment by solvation or pyrolysis.
Solvation in particular enables the separation of precious metals from copper.
Once the metals are separated and concentrated, they are homogenized and shaped into ingots to be taken to the refining process used for each metal.


At the VSB/SMB on the industrial site we propose a complete technical solution for our clients, adapted to each kind of waste and certified (ISO 9001 in 2008, ISO 14001 in 2006).

Our service includes:
– Selection, collection and transport
– Treatment of the materials
– Repurposing
– Provision of the metal
– Supplying precious metals in physical and derived formats
– Follow-up on services
– Traceability of the treatment, repurposing and reporting

Acknowledged by the industrial world, our flexibility, reactivity and expertise enable us to meet all our clients’ demands, and to answer all the questions you may have on waste management and materials containing precious metals.

We also apply the whole of our industrial site to finding a solution with you – this is the goal of Chimie Circuit.

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